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Abraham Lincoln High School - Directory

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Name Current NameLocation


Modell, Albert (My Father) (Albert (My Father) Modell-Dion)


Young, Irving


Fink, Nancy
Gottlieb, Adelaide (Adelaide Friedman)
Kafer, Joseph Boca Raton Fl


Dombroff, Esther (Esther Tubis)
Weiss, Martin ponder Tx


Arbeit, Stanley Buffalo NY
Barnett, Lawrence
Wasser, George Metuchen NJ


Bearman, Elinor (Elinor Brodsky)


Byer, Arnold Boca Raton Fl
Kramer, Bernice (Bernice Permut) BOYNTON BEACH FL
Maretsky, Evelyn (Evelyn frisch) riverdale ny
Troup, Julian Los Angeles CA


Amblard, Arlene
Cooper, Martin
Galinson, Daniel


Mirabella, Dorothea (Dorothea Rothgaber)
Prozan, George Hillsborough Ca
Rubin, Ethel (Ethel Kovel)
Schor, Buddy (Buddy Schor)
Zimmerman, Vivian irene (Vivian irene taylor) fl


Hausman, Judy (Judy Lewis)
Herman, Morton new york ny
Hirsch, Mel
Michlewitz, Phylllis (Phylllis Myers) Washington DC DC
Michlewitz, Phyllis (Phyllis Myers) Washington DC
Naiburg, Betty (Betty Golub)
Schwartz, Jerry (Jerry Schwartz)
Schwartz, Jerry (Jerry Schwartz) port st lucie west FL
Schwartz, Barry
Schwartz, Jerome {Jerry} (Jerome {Jerry} Schwartz) Port St Lucie Fl
Schwartz, Jerome Jerry Port St Lucie FL
Selis, Shirley (Shirley Feldman)


Applebaum, Herbert (Herbert appel) calabasas ca
Barash, Janet (Janet stone) wantagh ny
Gronich, Jules boynton beach fl
Sassone, Bob olean ny

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